Who We Are

Brad Craig: NPC Northwest Zone Chairman. NPC Washington State, Idaho, Montana and Utah State Chairman. IFBB Pro Judge and NPC National, Regional and State Judge. Event Promotions 36 years. Retired LEO.

Elaine Craig: NPC Washington State, Utah, Idaho & Montana Women’s Representative. IFBB Pro judge and NPC National, Regional and State Judge. Event promotions 35 years. Certified NASM Personal Trainer. Former National level bodybuilding competitor. USAPL Over 55 WA State raw Bench press record holder.

The History of Craig Productions

From Elaine’s point of view

I was asked by my webmaster to write a brief history of how Craig Productions came to be. It is actually a love story. Now before I lose you men out there, it is a love story between two people with a love for the art of physique.

I met my husband Brad in July of 1982 while judging a bodybuilding show. I was a female bodybuilder and he was promoting his first show the following month. We both owned gyms 2 hours away from each other. He asked me to judge at his show. It was at his show that we fell instantly in love with each other and decided to put on a bodybuilding show together. Since he had just put on a show, he was Craig Productions, all alone, all by himself.

Being 2 hours away from each other and running full time businesses, it was extremely hard to date. So we decided to get married. Now, I’m not recommending my son to be so impulsive after just meeting a girl, but for us it was all part of the love story. It seemed the obvious thing to do. I was the one who asked Brad to marry me – I knew a good thing when he was right in front of me! It took him 3 hours and he said yes! But the wedding would have to be put on hold. We had a show to plan.

It was the beginning of September and we had picked a date (a “green” March 19th) and secured a venue for the show. Seattle had just been named the Emerald City so it seemed fitting to name our show something green, something that sparkled and shined. We decided to call our show the “NPC Emerald Cup Bodybuilding Classic”. With any luck it would be known as “The Jewel of the Northwest.”

Every woman dreams of walking down the aisle being a fairy princess on her wedding day. Even more of a plus if it is on the most romantic day of the year…Valentine’s Day! But to plan a wedding and a show at the same time clearly became an impossible task. The wedding would have to wait.

We needed a vision, a mission statement, a goal for our show. The athlete had to come first. They always have to come first. So the goal became to make the show fun and enjoyable for the athlete, that they would come away with a positive experience. Long range goals were to expose as many people as we could to our sport, have them fall in love with bodybuilding as much as we love it. It was and still is our passion.

Valentine’s Day came and went but we were too busy planning our show to mind.

Saturday, March 19, 1983 finally arrived. It was so exciting. Bodybuilders came from all over the Northwest to compete. IFBB Pro Women’s Bodybuilder Georgia Fudge was guest posing and the “first lady of bodybuilding” Doris Barrileaux had flown in from Florida to greet the athletes. The audience showed up and the venue sold out. Afterwards the audience let us know they enjoyed the show. Best of all, the athletes told us they had a great time. Our goal was achieved.

Now there was only one thing left to do - get married. Time was of the essence. Why, we had been dating for a full 8 months!!!!! We hated living so far apart from each other. We would elope. We called a travel agent (there was no internet back then), and booked a flight to Maui, Hawaii. 4 weeks later we were married on top of the Lanai at Menehuni Shores in Kihei. April 19, 1983. Brad wasn’t all by himself anymore. Craig Productions had officially became a team.

The Emerald Cup is our love story. Our mission statement remains the same for all of our shows and we love promoting all of our shows but the Emerald Cup has a special place in our hearts. Brad has since moved the month of the Emerald Cup to April – right by our Anniversary. He told me it would be much more romantic but I think he did it so he wouldn’t forget our Anniversary! After all, the show must always go on!

2017 will be the 35th Anniversary for the Emerald Cup. We remain madly in love with bodybuilding and each other!