Trainer Passes

Trainers Passes

At a Craig Productions we are passionate about our sport and our vision has always been for EVERY COMPETITOR to have the best competition experience possible and walk away excited for the next show. We will still have our experienced Craig Productions staff to help competitors. Gerri Davis has been running our pump up area for the past 21 years and maintains a positive environment for everyone.

Each of our staff has been with us for at least 10 years. They are there to help pump, primp, touch up and oil you up.


Trainers will be allowed in the pump up area. The cost is $100.00 for that day for a trainers pass. You can purchase a trainers pass at check-ins. The trainer’s band will admit trainers into the venue and the pump up area for both the morning prejudging and the evening finals. It serves as an “all access pass” in and out of the venue. It is general admission to the show and backstage. It does not guarantee a certain seat.

You can purchase a trainer’s pass at check in. All trainers must be current members of the NPC. You will be required to show your NPC card or purchase on-line at The NPC registration is mandated by the NPC due to insurance requirements and no one can be in the warm up area without a current NPC card. Trainers may not bring in any airbrush tanning equipment or do any airbrush tanning on the Meydenbauer premises! Trainers may touch up their competitors tan in the designated glazing area only but they may not apply the full tan on the venue premises. Any trainer full tanning their competitor will be asked to leave and the competitor will be disqualified. We are adamant about this as the tanning creams/sprays can destroy the facility and we will not be allowed to use the venue again. NWCC is the only tanning company we allow as they have individual booth set ups and a protected area to apply touch-ups and glazing. NWCC will also provide glazing and touch ups for all competitors!


Craig Productions reserves the right to refuse anyone.


1. You must wear a wrist band at all times. Any tampering with the bands in any way will cause you to lose your band and be required to purchase another for admittance.
2. No one except competitors are allowed in the staging area.
3. Listen to any and all instructions by our staff.
4. Be polite and considerate to all.
5. When not helping your clients please go out front and find an empty seat.
6. Have fun!

Competitors and trainers may only get ready in the pump up area/dressing rooms. Anyone pumping up, oiling up, tanning, doing make up, etc. in the public areas that are not designated for prepping (main bathrooms, walkways, on the carpeting, etc...ANYWHERE ELSE) will be immediately disqualified.

NO PAM allowed!! Pam is DANGEROUS for all the women in high heels. You will be disqualified if you are using Pam or any other aerosol cooking spray like it.