Entry Fee: $109.50 for all divisions. ($9.50 state sales tax included) Mixed Pairs are free if both parties are already entered into another division, if not $109.50.  Competitors may now enter a Masters Division and an Open Division. If entering more than one division, separate $109.50 entry fees apply. Cashier’s checks or money orders are preferred, payable to Craig Productions LLC.

Mail entries to: Craig Productions, PO Box 803, Kirkland, WA 98083-0803 or enter on-line or download a form to mail in at

Deadline: Friday April 15, 2016. Late entries (after 04/15/16) are $200.00 – no exceptions.

Upon entering the 2016 Emerald Cup you will receive a competitor confirmation via email and an envelope via postal mail that contains a glow in the dark silicone accountability competitor wristband that says 2016 NPC Emerald Cup Competitor on it. It is incentive to keep you on track for the show with your preparations.  Every time you open the fridge to cheat or decide to skip a workout, you will see your wristband to remind you of your goal. It will also help you recognize other athletes getting ready for the 2016 Emerald Cup.  Registered competitors also receive updates to the show via email periodically. After the entry deadline, wristbands are not sent out.